We are open again

Reopening Science Center

Reserve tickets here. Payment is due on arrival.

We have reopened and are really looking forward to seeing you!
At the Science Center you can still have fun with family and friends. We take every precaution to ensure that visitors are as safe as possible. Several measures and changes have therefore been introduced in the exhibition. This mainly means that some installations have been taken out of use, and in others changes have been made to adapt them to good infection control. Regular cleaning will be performed throughout the opening hours. People with symptoms of COVID-19 or symptoms of respiratory infections are asked not to visit the Science Center.

Due to infection control, we have room for only 75 people at a time.

Visitors must pre-reserve tickets for 11:00, 13:00 or 15:00, and can stay at the Science Center for two hours after the scheduled start time. Our guides will help you with keeping track of the time and our routines during your visit.

This is a reservation only. You must show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time for the reservation to be valid. It is also possible to buy tickets at the door if you have not reserved tickets in advance, but only if there is available capacity at the time you want to visit the Science Center.

Due to restrictions on the number of people per room where we hold activities, not everyone who visits the Science Center will be able to participate in an activity. We apologize for this and encourage you to be at the Center early if you want to participate in, for example, a science show or a planetarium show.

Below we describe our most important infection control adaptations, and what you can and should do to show care for others while you are visiting us. Should you have any questions before, during or after your visit, we will be happy to receive your feedback on 72 90 90 07 or post@vitensenteret.com.

Welcome back to an exciting science center full of playful learning for young and old!


We encourage all visitors to avoid congestion on the way to the center. There are public parking spaces and parking garages in Midtbyen, but if you have the opportunity to walk or cycle, Trondheim has both nice bike paths and nice walking paths into the city center.

Due to the maximum number of people allowed in the same place, there may be some waiting time outside the Science Center, in the exhibition or at the activities. We ask for your understanding regarding this.

We encourage everyone to visit on occasions when the Center has few visitors. As of today, this is:

  • The first hour of opening hours
  • The last two hours of opening hours
  • Days with good weather
  • Early in the week rather than late/weekend

We need your help to ensure a good and safe experience for everyone. We believe that you are well trained in infection control routines already and ask you to bring the good habits into the Science Center. Note: If people experience symptoms during the visit, they must leave the building. Contact the reception. Remember to keep your distance and touch as little as possible.

  • Read and follow the advice on posters about handwashing routines and cough hygiene.
  • All visitors must wash/spray their hands with hand sanitizer before entering the exhibition.
  • Keep a good distance to others, at least 1 meter (3 feet) and preferably more.
  • Be aware if there is a queue or a gathering of visitors, for example at the checkout, entrance or in the store. Pay attention to your immediate surroundings.
  • We encourage contactless payment by card.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available to the public, and it is encouraged to use these both before, during and after the visit to the exhibitions.
  • Cleaning throughout the center, and especially on contact surfaces, is strengthened during the infection control period.
  • The wardrobe lokcers are closed. Bags can be placed in the wardrobe area at one’s own risk.
  • The Science Center encourages all visitors to enter without equipment and leave extra clothes and things in the car if possible.
  • In the store: It is encouraged not to touch things you are not going to buy. It is also encouraged to keep a good distance here and to pay by card. Spray on your hands with hand sanitizer both before and after the visit to the store.
  • The stairwells and some public areas will have a one-way walk - follow the signs.
  • Certain activities and installations are closed as an infection control measure.
  • All areas for program activities are washed between each session.

Activities with infection control adaptations:

See the activity program for which activities apply to your current visit day. The activity program can be found online and on screens in the center.

Planetarium: Max. 20 people. Come early! Registration at the reception, one name is requested with contact info per group for infection tracking. Read about our privacy policy here. Certain seats will be locked.

Program activities: It is planned for adapted activities and that a good distance is maintained between the guests in the activity areas.

We encourage everyone who has visited the Science Center and who is diagnosed with Covid-19, to report on tel. 72 90 90 07. If we receive such messages, we follow our own routines, which include the involvement of the infection control team in Trondheim.

We thank all our guests for their help and contribution to control the COVID-19 infection.